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28 Nov 2018 3:21 AM    
If you are looking for a truly unique experience, in a safe environment with stunning scenery and the friendliest local population, Oman is the perfect escape It isnt just a giant swimming pooltanning holiday. Its packed with adventure at every turn, whether its scuba diving or kiteboarding off the dramatic coast to hiking in the Hajar Mountains near Muscat, to quad biking in the desert and off-roading in the Omani Grand Canyon to paragliding over its incredible topography. Oman has it all. It has more than 3000km of rugged coastline, where turquoise waters peppered with wooden dhows meet natural white sand beaches, many of which are delightfully empty. The land is framed by craggy, camel-coloured mountains, as well as vast stretches of orange desert with vertiginous dunes and lunar-style landscapes where mountains rise dramatically above sea level. Take a road trip along the Omani Grand Canyon Wadi Ghul, which stretches from near Muscat towards Dubai, snaking past 500 year old stone villages and youll end up at Jebel Shams, also known as the Mountain of the Sun, which is 3000m above sea level.
27 Nov 2018 12:01 AM    

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